While every client has different needs, there are some common strategies that Litigation Limited uses to help our clients bring billable hour inflation under control:

  • Devise and implement billing rules that eliminate block billing, vague time entries and other unethical billing practices that allow outside counsel to easily inflate monthly bills;
  • Review monthly law firm invoices (and, as necessary, expert witness and vendor bills) on a short-term or ongoing basis to ensure reasonableness, accuracy and compliance with billing guidelines, ABA best practices, and applicable case and statutory law;
  • Provide clients with informal analysis or detailed written reports and audits on specific matters or entire law firms to determine the extent of overbilling;
  • Evaluate quantity and quality of work versus time billed on problem files and cases, taking into account overall client goals, legal strategies and case staffing and to evaluate and improve efficiency;
  • Train clients in the “art” of legal bill review; and
  • Evaluate global litigation strategies with an eye towards reducing the client’s overall legal spend while offering a “second opinion” by seasoned lawyers who have nothing to gain from extra work or additional billable hours.

For less than the cost of a few vaguely-worded time entries, Litigation Limited reviews outside counsel billing practices and invoices; evaluates and reports on the extent of questionable billing practices; and devises outside counsel guidelines tailored to each company or organization’s specific requirements.

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